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One of a Kind Creations in Wool

*Awarded Best in Fiber Art *

2018 & 2019 Art in the Barn- Barrington, IL

"Best in Show & Best in Fiber Art" 2019  Deerfield IL

Sue Briesch- Living out loud

Art has been a constant thread that has connected a variety of experiences I have enjoyed in my life. Beginning my formal art studies at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art, I continued to develop as an artist through private studies and seminars across the country. 


I have taught adult painting and enjoyed seeing students develop skills and realize their own potential. As an independent artist, I painted  murals for corporations and private homes. I designed and manufactured my own line of pins and spiritual based art. I owned and managed a shop with a spiritual theme and a fine art gallery that featured 33 Chicago and suburban area artists. 

I then discovered gourds as a “fine art”, and for  over 15 years I was intrigued with vessels, color and weaving. 

Then I discovered felting as an art form. I was so curious about how these beautiful objects were made. I began taking classes and just could not get enough information!!!  I loved the medium. Again, my path seems to be creating vessels again, but this time in the form of a  purse. 

I am enthralled with Art. On of my favorite quotes is by Emile Zola: ”If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artists, will answer you, I am here to live out loud” 

I hope you enjoy my work.

​Sue Briesch

Thanks to Cynthia Jones  of CynVision for the great photo!
Thanks to Cynthia Jones of CynVision for the great photo!

About My Work


All Of My Wool Creations Are One Of A Kind.

Made by hand in my studio in Northern Illinois with the finest wool, silks,  beads and feathers or special stones. Some are enhanced with stitching.


Medicine Bags

Originally Medicine Bags were intended to be given with the intent to heal body,  mind and spirit and hold things special or spiritual to the individual. They have evolved  and the smaller bags are being  used as a special gift bags and fit a gift bottle of wine beautifully.  


Art on your arm

My special "whimsey" bags are inspired by photos .

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